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Problems such as new data island, calm risk and so on are to be solved


Beijing, July 30, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, July 30 (Xinhua): government affairs are on the chain in many places, new data isolated island, calm risk and other issues to be solved

Chen Yuxuan, Zhu Han and Sang Tong, reporters of Xinhua viewpoint, Xinhua News Agency Since the beginning of this year, Beijing, Hebei, Guizhou, Hunan, Hainan and other places have continuously released the development plans of blockchain, actively promoting the \ According to the survey conducted by Xinhua viewpoint, some government affairs blockchain technology standards are different, which can bring new data island problems, and the network calm risk can not be underestimated.

many places have \ Hou Ruyu, a lawyer who is always engaged in the management of business suspension, has a new experience recently. He opens his computer, logs in to the \ The turning point of

cloud comes from the deep integration of blockchain and government affairs. \

now the website of the fast three lottery platform on the Internet, the blockchain is changing from an inflammatory word in the mouth of investors into a real and real infrastructure. In Shenzhen online kuaishan lottery platform website, 24 types of commonly used e-cards such as resident ID cards and more than 100 high-frequency government affairs services have been integrated into the same blockchain e-license exercise platform. 140 government affairs services in Beijing have manipulated the website of Kuai San lottery platform on blockchain, and many service runs have been shortened from five or six times to \ Under the

epidemic, the value of government blockchain has become more prominent. In Jiangxi, the filing news and approval news of enterprises applying for resumption of work and production are kept in the chain, open and transparent.

With the new situation of the epidemic situation, food has attracted more and more attention. Recently, a reporter saw in the one-sided frozen food wholesale market in Hangzhou that there was an \ According to a research report published by the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China on smart urban development in April this year, the government affairs blockchain covers digital identity, electronic deposit certificate, electronic bill, property right registration, industrial and commercial registration, administrative examination and approval, etc.

At present, Beijing and Hunan have singled out to promote the sharing of government data; Guizhou has singled out the establishment of an alliance chain led by the authorities to realize the real-time exploration of data turning, leaving traces throughout the visit, and orderly sharing, so as to constantly optimize the business environment and serve the \ Some of

are not closed-loop and lack of the same standard can cause new data island

According to a survey by reporters, some government affairs blockchains that are first to go and try first have brought convenience to the authorities and many working groups. However, although there are many scenarios, there are still many problems in the government blockchain, which is still in the water testing stage.

some government affairs blockchains are limited to a certain link and do not form a closed loop. For example, the blockchain e-invoice launched by Shenzhen has effectively solved such problems as one ticket overstatement, false report and false offset, and difficulty in verifying the authenticity of the invoice. After Shenzhen Metro is connected, it is expected to save about 400000 yuan of invoice printing cost every year. However, passengers are faced with the situation that the electronic invoice of blockchain can not be reported.

Chen Xiulian, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Metro ticketing Central Committee, said that although passengers can easily issue block chain e-invoice with one button on their mobile phones, their units are able to access the blockchain e-invoice system of tax department in foreign countries, and these invoices still need to be printed out and handed over to the financial department of the unit before reimbursement can be made. \ In addition, different government blockchains lack the same standard, which can cause new data islands. According to Xiaochang, most of the mature government affairs blockchains are set up on the underlying platform of the blockchain selected by technology companies, including Tencent, ant group, China Tianran, weiduoyinzuo, quchain technology, etc.

According to Wan Qiang, member of the blockchain Specialist Committee of the Chinese computer society, different authorities can choose different blockchain technology suppliers, and the underlying architectures adopted by these technology companies are not fully interlinked. Can government blockchains with different infrastructure be effectively interconnected? Can cross regional data sharing and business collaboration be realized? If these problems are not solved, they will bring new data island problems.

with more and more block chain scenarios, a large number of government data on the chain have picked out higher requests for the system's calmness. Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the Central Committee of Zhejiang University's blockchain research, said that the underlying system, which carries high-value digital assets, can face more severe cyber attacks.

Peng zhiniang, a senior expert in blockchain of

360 company, said that the biggest challenge of government affairs blockchain is the risk of data leakage caused by government data and citizens' privacy data. Now, the 360 team has detected a number of attacks against the blockchain, such as attacking the blockchain network or nodes themselves, stealing data or assets stored in the blockchain network.

urgently needs the same technical standard to promote the government affairs blockchain to play a role across parts and around

Mr. Ye believes that the government blockchain is now in a period of accelerated development, and it is urgent to strengthen the regulation and guidance. The critical moment is to have the same technical standard to promote the orderly implementation of the block chain government affairs. If conditions permit, the mode of \

now, the use of blockchain in some surrounding areas has shown a trend of standardization. The evaluation rules for the exercise of blockchain technology finance, which was initiated by the people's Bank of China, was released and implemented on July 10. This is the walking standard for financial institutions and is applicable to product design, software development and system evaluation of the exercise of blockchain technology finance.

Some experts, such as

and other experts, put forward that in the process of promoting government affairs blockchain, we should strengthen the top-level design, increase the promotion efforts for the mature blockchain, optimize and innovate the government affairs process, and especially promote the government affairs blockchain to play a role across parts and around, rather than simply put the original government services on the chain.

According to Cai Liang, not all government data are properly linked. Before going online, government data should be carefully sorted out and designed. The classification should be determined according to the value and sensitivity of data. Only high-value data that needs to be shared by multiple parties can be put on the chain.

Li maocai, general manager of blockchain technology of Tencent, said that in addition to the traditional news, blockchain also involves the issue of data being decrypted. It is necessary to strengthen the research and development of secret code technology, treasure the data privacy from the source, and form a system for the management of key.